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Welcome to TailorMaid Archery Products Web Page & Store. We are proud to say we have been making bowstrings on production machines since 1978 and have continued to upgrade our machines and processes, to assemble some of the finest bowstrings available in the market place today. We are supplying some of the industry's bow companies, distributors and dealers.

Our goal is to continue to develop bowstrings from the industries finest materials with the best process for assembling bowstrings. Once you have acquired your archery equipment, you may consider changing your bowstrings to upgrade to one of our premium bowstrings to finish off your system to get great and long service.

Please check out our store and make your selections. We will ship each order with pride and promptness.

You may order crossbow string by manufacturers part number by checking on our reference chart.

TailorMaid TUXZ
NEW - True Balanced Bowstrings

TailorMaid Archery has developed a tru-balanced bowstring in their TUXZ Bowstrings. When installed properly the TUXZ line of bowstrings will not have any twists during the draw cycle, so there is NO PEEP ROTATION. The peep will come back straight and true each time you draw.

The new TUXZ line of bowstrings will have servings that stay in place and will not slide. We are installing the serving under super tension and creating servings that will not move.

The TUXZ bowstring line will have direct replacement bowstrings for Mathew's & BowTech bowstrings and cables. These will need to be ordered by model names, not string or cable sizes, as these will carry the same specification for serving size and placements as the manufacturers strings. For BowTech you will also need to give the model year as the same model changes string sizes for different years. Bowstrings ordered by size only will carry servings for generic bow replacement strings.

TUXZ bowstrings can be ordered through your local dealers, through our online store or by calling 989-685-2223.

Dealer and Distributor programs are available. Please contact us at 989-685-2223 for more information.

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