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What would life really be like if we didn’t have cookies? Can you image growing up and not getting to have cookies and milk? Or what about the cookies and milk you left for St. Nick? What would we leave in place of cookies for the jolly old fella? All of us have so many memories of cookies through our lives!

Cookies come in a number of forms and can be classified as drop cookies, refrigerator cookies, molded cookies, rolled cookies, pressed cookies, bar cookies, sandwich cookies, and fried cookies. I hazard to guess that there is two other kinds of cookies, usually undocumented to protect the guilty: the unbaked cookie dough cookie, and the really, really, REALLY well done cookie (okay, we could use the words burnt, charred, incinerated, blackened). L The former we’re all guilty of indulging, but I am pretty sure the latter, not a SINGLE reader understands what I am talking about!

Cookies are a billion-plus dollar a year industry. Consumers are not just purchasing the good old standbys like chocolate chip and peanut butter, they are splurging on designer cookies! There are so many variations on the chocolate chip cookie it to stand up and be noticed, they’re referred with”original” or”classic”.

And what exactly are these ones called Designer Cookies? What the?? Upon inspection, these kinds are beautiful cookies. Some are recognized as”hand-painted” and”personalized”. I am sure that they taste as good as they seem (right?) Do we eat them? I think not – they are meant to go”ga-ga” over for time to come – to respect and talk about late into the evening. Pulllleeze!

I don’t know about you, but I feel that the end of the chocolate chip cookie would indicate the end of civilization as we know it!

According to historical record, the cookie originated in 7 century AD Persia. At the time it resembled a tough wafer-like object. They were considered great for traveling due to their durability, and this allowed the cookie to achieve global recognition. The cookie was enjoyed by everyone – from the filthy rich community to the well, just strategy filthy community. It was in the 1600’s the cookie make its way across the Pacific to North America. The modern day word – cookie – was derived from the Dutch word koekje, meaning”little cake”. Many areas of the world have their own variations on the name, such as biscuits, galletas, keks, and biscotti. What we believe the modern day cookie (and components ) originated in the 18th Century. I bet you are wondering when the first cookie was dunked in that cold glass of milk….hmmm

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